Has it really been so long?

There are days that will stay with me forever.

The day you came to this planet is one of them.

Happy birthday Mandy!

The end of summer arrives early.

Chasing a fish

Chasing down the fish

A week after completing our first race the evidence of our adventure is starting to appear online. Here we have a photo of us chasing down "The Fish" courtesy of Mr. Murilee Martin. I've uploaded a bit of in-car video of me driving and spinning out at turn 8, but you'll have to go to ThisChildsLife to see it. There are lots more videos to edit and upload but there's just too much work to get done before sitting down and filtering through all of the clips. The wicked never rest and neither shall we.

Not last at least.

24 Hours of LeMons D-Bags Patch

Trashpanda Racing #419 placed 38 out of 55 on the first LeMons race, which will hopefully be just the first of many. Believe it or not, this is a respectable finish for an entirely rookie crew with less than six months preparation. We ran a 14.5 hour endurance race on a single set of 82H rated street tires and a nearly OEM 1996 street suspension kit with more than 160K miles on it. We had two team members experience spin-outs and black flags, but everyone completed the event safely and a good time was indeed had by all.

On track. Willcox, Arizona

MX5 almost ready to race.

After many months of preparation and hard work the Trashpanda Racing team sponsored by the Roberts-Loux Foundation, has finally arrived at Inde Motorsport Ranch in Willcox Arizona for the 24 Hours of LeMons two-day endurance race.

Goodbye Susan

My good friend Susan McChesney passed away suddenly today.

There is no way to adequately express my sadness. I will miss you more than words can say.

The clock is running

1996 MX5 on stands.

There is much work left to do. We have just over three weeks to get the car ready to race and it still needs a new clutch, racing seat, and steering column mounted into position. There should be enough time to get it finished but there certainly isn't any time to waste. I'm pretty sure we can get the clutch in by Sunday and if the seat gets here by then we may be able to button that up all at once.

Zip Zoom

Hal strapped a GoPro inside the Losi 10RallyX (1/10th scale) RC car and went for a series of short drives in front of the house.

Check it out:

On the Side

Saturday we drove Summit Road to the top of South Mountain park. Video is done in two sections, from the entrance of the park to Holbrook Point and then from Holbrook to the Summit. This is the second part. We got about 1/3 of the way up when we came across a soulless Prius driver who was apparently unable to drive faster than 8MPH the entire way. After slowing down and pausing several times to put some distance between us, Hal decided to pull over at Holbrook for just a few minutes to adjust the camera angle.

A short ride.

I thought you might enjoy seeing one of the videos I made recently. This is a test of the new Go Pro chin mount on my motorcycle helmet. Come along for a short ride from a Fry's fuel depot to the office.


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