On track. Willcox, Arizona

MX5 almost ready to race.

After many months of preparation and hard work the Trashpanda Racing team sponsored by the Roberts-Loux Foundation, has finally arrived at Inde Motorsport Ranch in Willcox Arizona for the 24 Hours of LeMons two-day endurance race.

Friday practice starts at 1pm and we should be able to shake out any bugs and get them worked out in short order. I think our biggest fear is being shunted by another driver or losing control and ending up off the track. We've already talked with a couple of race teams in the paddock and the general opinion is that we should expect chunking from our Dunlop tires. The Falkens will hold up better, but we've only got two for use. As spares. Word is that even they have a tendency to delaminate.

The next closest race for us may be Colorado in June instead of having to wait all the way till Button Willow in October. Hopefully by then we can get the V-Maxx suspension kit and some better wheels & tires.

We'll try to make more updates as we go.