Chasing a fish

Chasing down the fish

A week after completing our first race the evidence of our adventure is starting to appear online. Here we have a photo of us chasing down "The Fish" courtesy of Mr. Murilee Martin. I've uploaded a bit of in-car video of me driving and spinning out at turn 8, but you'll have to go to ThisChildsLife to see it. There are lots more videos to edit and upload but there's just too much work to get done before sitting down and filtering through all of the clips. The wicked never rest and neither shall we.

On Friday 3/25/16, Hal & I removed the engine from his 1997 MX5 and started the tear-down. As we both suspected, the oil control rings are shot and just need to be replaced. We'll be dropping the head & block off at the machine shop to get it inspected, magna-fluxed, cleaned up, decked, ported & polished sometime this week and hopefully starting the reassembly by April 2. I have to leave for San Diego on the 4th and will be gone a couple of days so I'd like to have this running by the time I actually have to leave. Hopefully the rebuild kit will be available & can ship/arrive in just a couple of days. When I return from San Diego I plan to start the Northwest Carport project and maybe the auto lift or race-car suspension projects shortly thereafter.