The clock is running

1996 MX5 on stands.

There is much work left to do. We have just over three weeks to get the car ready to race and it still needs a new clutch, racing seat, and steering column mounted into position. There should be enough time to get it finished but there certainly isn't any time to waste. I'm pretty sure we can get the clutch in by Sunday and if the seat gets here by then we may be able to button that up all at once.

At least we can rejoice in the fact that the yard work behind the house is complete. The garage floor has been poured and Javier finished up the paving blocks just this week. Next on the schedule is to have the El Dorado gate motorized with remote control and to have all of the block walls around the back of the property rebuilt on proper footers. After those are finished we can order the north lot awning and start the permit process to have the auto lift installed.

I'll be sure to upload some photos and video of projects in the gallery when I get time.